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Mahatma Anand Swami Ji Saraswati

Started by Mahashay Khushal Chand Ji, later known as Mahatma Anand Swami Ji Sarawati in Lahore on the 13th of April 1923, The Daily Milap was a social reformist and an instrument of social change while fighting tooth and nail for the freedom of the country. Gradually, through the love of the people, Milap actually grew and prospered and, even in its current functioning, carries with it many values which it has stood for over the years. As the name of the newspaper suggests, it is spreading the message of harmony, love and brotherhood amongst mankind.

However apart from making its mark in the world of journalism, the management diversified into different industries. Over a period of time, there emerged the Milap Group of companies. Today, Milap is published from three centres: Delhi, Jullundur and Hyderabad and in two languages. It is published in Urdu from Delhi, in Hindi and Urdu from Jullundur and in Hindi from Hyderabad.

Milap has always maintained a very close link with its readers, making each one feel that it is in some way, in some part, his own newspaper, fulfilling the very task it was set up to do. The newspapers stand for the voice of the people and they try to form a link between the people and their representatives by communicating the public opinion to those in power and also tries to communicate the viewpoint of those in power to the people. All the publications of the Milap group follow the same nationalist policy that has made the parent business of the Urdu Newspaper India's largest, oldest and most widely circulated Urdu Daily.

With a company mission to fight corruption, unjust deeds and to improve the lot of the Indian community while at the same time spreading secularism and harmony, Milap has not cut out an easy task for itself. However through tact, and by giving the reader thought provoking ideas, Milap has made considerable headway.

Milap in its 86 years can proudly claim of continuing relations with all who ever came in contact with the paper - whether it is an advertising agency, a newspaper sale agent, a member of the staff or labour working for the Company. Their relationships have grown and it would not be an exaggeration to say that their relationship with most agencies, is now on a personal level. In labour relations, there has not been even one day's stoppage of work due to any labour unrest. The Book Publishing division of Milap regularly publishes religious books and textbooks right from its very inception in 1923. The religious books are much sought after and are now being included in the columns of the Milap. Milap has also sought to spread education through its columns and in Punjab, once Hindi was taught through its Urdu Columns.

Mr. Punam Suri was till recently the Managing Editor of the Daily Milap. He is now deeply entrenched in the fields of social work and education, being the President of the DAV CMC (Dayanand Anglo Vedic College Managing Committee). The DAV is the largest educational network in the country with over 700 educational institutions and over 2 million students.

The Editor of the Daily Milap, Mr. Navin Suri, is a well accomplished journalist who has travelled and commented extensively in India and abroad. The President of India, Vice President of India and the Prime Minister have honoured him through awards for his books. He is also the winner of the Soviet Land Nehru Peace award and has also been honoured by the Governments of the USSR and Oman. Mr. N. Suri has written over 15 books in three different languages. He has been on the directorial board of different government organisations as well as chaired educational institutions.

For the last few years the fourth generation of the Milap family has now taken over the reins to the organization as Mr. Punam Suriís son, Mr. Yogi Suri is now the Managing Editor and Mr. Navin Suriís son, Mr. Rishi Suri is looking after Milapís International Affairs and various other editorial divisions. Both the scions have taken it upon themselves to keep the traditions and values of the Milap group intact and ensure that the organization reaches even greater heights than ever before.

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